Digging Local Food

It is no secret that I grew up on a small farmer, went to a land grant university and studied agriculture, married a farmer, and work for an agriculture organization. I care about where our food comes from just a little. I am proud that my grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on where farmers. I am proud that my brother farms-raising corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, and cattle. I am proud that my husband farms-corn and soybeans (we are dairy free for almost a year now.)

So, when I hear conversations about organic this or local that I just begin to chuckle inside. All food was grown locally by a farmer somewhere. And in some parts of our country we grow grapes better than cranberries and cattle better than chickens. Marketing of food continues to amaze me. We get the consumers to believe that some milk is hormone free while other is not. News flash folks, all milk comes from a lactating female of some sort. All of it has hormones. I really love the antibiotic free labels. Once again, all meat and eggs is free of antibiotic residue if it is on your store shelf. It is illegal for it to have any residue.

I am not going to ramble on…I know some of my friends are already thinking, here she goes again. Rather, I want to celebrate those who grow food right here in Indiana. This Sunday we all have an opportunity to enjoy Indiana agriculture through food, wine, and beer at the Dig IN event at White River State Park.

On Sunday, August 29, Indiana growers will make their way to White River State Park to showcase their high quality locally produced products, and remind Hoosiers there is much more than corn in Indiana. Dig-IN will feature educational discussion panels, cooking demonstrations, urban gardening exhibits, local chef Q&A sessions, wine tastings, beer and food pairing classes, and much more. Combining the freshness of farmer’s markets and our state’s greatest food minds, this event promises a feast for the senses. Prepare to learn from Indiana agricultural and culinary experts as they invite you on a journey from field to table top. Don’t miss the opportunity to help us celebrate all that Indiana agriculture has to offer.

If you live in Indiana come visit from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. You will get a chance to meet my pal Heather since some of the pork will be coming from her farm.

If you want to come with one of your pals for FREE, comment on which chef you are most excited to sample at the event. Remember you can see the list of chefs right here. Dig IN has gracioulsy given me two tickets to giveaway. So comment away.

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  1. Matt Lipan says

    i think i'll have to go w/Brandon Hamilton. i've enjoyed my experience w/Farm Fresh and am curious to see what he's got going on.

  2. Tucan Samantha says

    R-Bistro's Regina Mehallick- everything I've ever had there has been ah-mazing! I still dream about some delicious shrimp and grits I had there 2 years ago!

  3. Barbara says

    Goose The Market's Chris Eley is such a 'big' guy in so many ways! When I think of buying and eating 'local' I think of Chris. What a statement he's made in his neighborhood and in his store. I'd love to see him in action.

  4. Jaeithe says

    re: Local: Sure, all food is local somewhere. But when it is grown near you it is fresher, usually tastes better (b/c it is fresher) and didn't have to travel hundreds of miles, burning fossil fuel, just to get to you.

    re: Hormones: the difference is naturally occurring hormones in the cow vs. artificial ones injected by people….isn't this right? I've always understood it that the hormones are growth hormones, designed to make a calf grow faster and bigger, not to stimulate lactation. Is this not the case?

    I have an 18 month old daughter and I worry about the hormones causing her to go through puberty early. Is there any validity to this (or are you laughing at me?)

    FYI, I am Indiana grown, but a Kentucky transplant…

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