Farmer Friday: How did I get here?

My friend, Heather over at 3 Kids and Lots of Pigs is starting a new series. She and some of her farm wife pals will be showcasing the Real Farmwives of America as part of  her regular Farmer Fridays Feature. You missed that little detail. Yep, I’m a farm wife.

Have you ever been in the middle of chaos and wonder just how you got there? When you are married to a farmer, the thought often crosses your mind. How did I get here? Holding gates to keep cattle in, racing to kill the pto running the auger before grain spills everywhere, picking up mastitis medicine at the farm store, digging cow poop out of every pair of jeans your husband owns. It is never a dull moment.
But, for me, I knew better. I grew up on a small farm in east central Illinois. My dad is a large animal veterinarian who has a farming problem. I grew up showing Jerseys. Notice I said showing. My dad and brother did the milking.

So, to say I like hanging with the dairy folks would probably be an understatement. I didn’t major in animal sciences, but the Illini Dairy Club was by far my club of choice. I have spent night sleeping in barns, tents, and anywhere else cattle would be at. But let’s be honest, I looked at this as a hobby. I had no plans of marrying a farmer, especially a dairy farmer.
By the time I had graduated from grad school, I was still not attached to any one guy. I was ready to go start my career. Get some work experience under my belt so I could go on and get my PhD.

I knew I would have a busy summer. Between starting my job as a 4-H Youth Educator two weeks before the county fair and the numerous weddings, I knew there would be no time for anything social in my new home state of Indiana.
So, I went to my weddings. Hung with my gal pals.

But, I am a sucker for a cow guy.

And, this one just happened to be hanging around a lot at the same places I was during my first weeks in Indiana. So, by the time six weeks had passed from the time I had moved to Indiana, I was being courted. I just couldn’t help myself. There is just something about a dairy farmers. I am a sucker for farmers. I think it has something to do with their rough, rugged, strong hands.
Have I mentioned sometimes I lack patience. We spent countless hours, days, and weeks together. It wasn’t like I had family close or a whole bunch of friends. I had two friends about an hour away, but I wasn’t going to see them every night after work. So, of course I hung out with my new cow guy.
We had fun. Lots of fun. Probably too much fun, but my mom is probably reading this, so I will leave it at that.

By the end of our first month “dating”, he met the whole family.

By the end of the third month of dating, he proposed. Of course I said yes. And six months later, we were married. Yes, that is nine months from dating to married. Not wise. Don’t do what we did children.
But, it gets better…
Nine months later, we welcomed Boo.

 And then 23 months later, we got Princess.

They both like cattle. Just a little.
However, we have now been dairy free for almost a year. Dairy free? Yes, we sold the milk cows last fall. The price farmers were receiving for milk was less money than we needed to pay the bills on the farm. So, the nearly 80 cows were hauled away. We have still had calves around, but they will slow be sold as they grow closer to the age when they will have a baby and begin being milked.
So, we will continue to have animals around so the kids can learn responsibility, hard work, and still have some of the farm experiences that my husband and I had growing up. Am I a little sad the kids won’t grow up working their butts off on a dairy farm. Yeah, a little. But once dairy gets in your blood, it doesn’t get out. 
Now I am married to a corn and soybean farmer.
And I wouldn’t want it any other way.
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  1. Melinda says

    Talk about a whirlwind romance! :) So sorry about the dairy cows – it's happening all around us as well. So glad that your kids will still have a chance to grow up around animals and on the land though! (They are so cute by the way!)

  2. Lana says

    Oh My GOSH! Your dairy farmer took 6 months and mine took 6 YEARS???? Sigh…….;-) Love your story, and you have a lot in common with my hubby. His dairy was about 80 head. This was fun! Maybe we should have a group post every month! Someone different could host the off months, and Heather could have us over for quarterly reports. I think I am running on adrenalin (sp?) 8 hrs. in the combine and the floor is still moving! ACK!

  3. Jent says

    When a farmer knows what he wants he goes for it!!! Where was the pic of him showing the dairy calf? Looks like Shelby County show ring???

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