Cheerios asks…How do you spend QT nourishing body & mind?

I recently was asked by Cheerios to join other moms to share our supper mom tips. The first question they posed to me was, as a working mom, how do you use quality time with your children to ensure the best nourishment for their mind and body? Well, that is pretty simple…doing something fun!

So, in the fall there is no shortage for visiting farms. Farms that grow food, offer entertainment, induce exhaustion, and provide for hours of quality time. Last weekend we headed out to Kelsay Farms to get our dairy fix. You know, since we have been dairy free for almost a year now, we thought we should go visit a farm with 500 cows to get our fix;) Plus my pals Amy and Liz over at Two Maids a Milking invited us.

As soon as we got on the farm the kids had a magnetic force straight to the enormous straw bale fun zone. Tunnels and slides and climbing. Really what more do kids want?
DSC_0008DSC_0165-2 But soon it was onto the moo-choo.  DSC_0028
Did I mention all these activities were free with a paid admission?
But, Boo knew there was a corn maze looming. And I knew that would me lots of running.DSC_0033Off to the races…
DSC_0035 And then we began to pace ourselves as we walked looking for the answers to our scavenger hunt. Through out the maze were different questions about milk and dairy foods. Like how many cups of milk does it take to make a pound of butter. Do you know? You should go to Kelsay’s and find out! It will surprise you. DSC_0046
The kids thought is was cool to punch holes in all the correct answers when they found the answer signs.  Never know when you are going to learn something cool!
DSC_0052Are you starting to wonder about the bags that the three year old is lugging around? Yeah, she thought it was necessary to bring her purse and her stuffed purse dog in his own carrying bag. Some girls just over accessorize! DSC_0057 And then I felt it necessary to pose for a picture opp! Boo can’t stand my necessity for pictures. Princess on the other hand takes every opportunity.
And then as if God knew we were walking out of the maze, our little ole Brown Swiss came walking out of the milking parlor towards us. It was as if my husband had been reunited with a long lost love.
DSC_0065Luckily for me, she walked right on by. And really the odds of seeing her were literally 1 in 500 or so. I really think God made it happen for him.
As we made our way back up to the main area, the free face painting line had started. And do you really think someone who carries two bags through the corn maze is going to pass up getting her face painted?
DSC_0073 She was amazingly still for a 3 year old.
DSC_0079 DSC_0083 DSC_0085 DSC_0089 DSC_0108-1
And after watching the coolness unveil, Boo decided he needed some Robin eyes.
DSC_0115-1 DSC_0116-1 DSC_0127-1 DSC_0137-1Slightly different amount of detail…yet another difference between boys and girls. And no father freaked out about having a son with makeup on his face.

We had such a fun day. And we had to pretty much pry the kids off of the straw stack. But, for a working mom like me these are what memories are made of for my kids. They will remember this day for years to come. They got outside, ran their legs off, learned about where their food comes from, and laughed with their mom and dad.

As we drove home, I thought about just how much dairy plays a roll in our healthy lifestyle. I don’t get hung up on how food is produced. I don’t care if it is organic or hormone free or free range or whatever other label is being used to market a product. I have enough to feel guilty about, I am not going to feel guilty about not being able to afford the latest food trend. I just know I want to feed my kids wholesome foods. And dairy is a large part of our diet in order to help.

And then I am reminded of our addiction to fried mozzarella sticks…Picture 3997And everything is ok in moderation.
Picture 3998
Want to see what other moms are doing to nourish their kids’ minds and bodies? Go visit the Cheerios page to meet other mommas like you.

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  1. lou says

    Kelsay Farms is an awesome place…I think literally every child and adult should get to go there and play on everything they have! haha

    Love the pics! :)

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