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Nikon 1034Well, he finally got to ride in the combine. Last Thursday, our soybean fields were harvested.

Since we farm less than 300 acres, we have not invested the money in our own combine to harvest our corn and soybeans. Especially because we had chopped (cut the whole stalk down with a special machine and chopped it up for the dairy cows) a lot of the corn in the past. So, we hire other farmers to bring their combines (the large harvesting tractors) over to our field. I am fairly certain the pictures of the green machines breaks my grandpa, dad, and brother’s heart. They are red men.

For farmers, the color of tractor is either green or red, maybe an occasional blue, orange or white depending on the age of your farm machines. But there is no blending of green and red. Farmers are very brand loyal when it comes to their tractors.Nikon 984 It has been very dry here in Indiana so harvest this year is abnormally dusty.  It has been just fantastic living in the middle of crop land when I have self diagnosed dust allergies. But, I keep going out and taking pictures because it is just so fantastic to see.Nikon 991Our farmer friend Steve who is driving the combine got the joy of having Boo ride along with him for several hours.Nikon 1001Down and back. Down and back. For hours. With Boo. Who talks a lot. A lot. Not as much as Princess, but three hours alone in a cab of a combine with only one other person…you get my point. I am sure Steve was glad to go home to his four daughters that night;) Nikon 1018Let’s be honest, I think the hubby loves harvest as much as the 5 year old. He had to keep the combine moving by having the grain cart ready to have the combine dump the beans on the go. He would then come over to the semi to be loaded for transport back to the farm to store the beans till we sell them.Nikon 1011I just love the site of flowing grain-corn or beans. Makes me think of childhood on my grandpa’s farm. Playing in those gravity flow wagons. Crazy. I can’t believe we played in grain. I guess it is sort of like cribs painted in lead based paint. We just didn’t know any different. Nikon 1031 Princess wasn’t as impressed with the combine. She thought it was loud. A bit dusty. A tad boring. She wanted the pepperoni pizza I brought out to the field and hitched a ride back home with me.Nikon 1024While we will not eat the soybeans directly since they are not the edamame type, we will enjoy the dairy, beef, pork, eggs and chicken that all eat the soybean meal that comes from these little beans. And for this we are all grateful.

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  1. Lana says

    Amen! Spooky,, but I played in those wagons too! Who did we ever manage to live through our childhoods? Have a great weekend! We are headed to the Pumpkin Patch tonight! Wooo!

  2. HoosierFarmBabe says

    Harvest is by far one of the best times of year! I still get a kick out of riding along in the combine. BTW – your kids are adorable!

  3. Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek says

    mmm…I want some pizza now.

    I've never ridden in a combine before. I think my father in law would laugh at me if I asked him for a ride, but I'd like to do it sometime. For 5 minutes. Not hours. Boring!

  4. Heather @ 3 kids and lots of pigs says

    Great pics. Last night, The Farmer took 2 of the kids'friends for combine rides. I'm sure he heard a lot of talking in the combine, but that's what its all about.

  5. Rachel Anne says

    Love, love love seeing the pics! My aunt and uncle are farmers in Nebraska and it is always a treat to see the combines and machinery – even better to get a ride. Thanks so much for sharing. This was great.

    Rachel Anne

  6. Candace says

    These photos are so awesome! Great post! I really enjoyed reading about your world. It's so different from mine. I'm passing the laptop to my husband now so that he can enjoy it as well. He is a bit of a tractor junkie. He's going to love it. Thanks for sharing! Candace

  7. Krista says

    This post brought back lots of memories! I loved riding in the combine, taking dinners out to the field, and above all….sliding down those gravity wagons.

    On a visit home last month, I noticed how very dusty the harvest was. We were driving at night, somewhere between Cicero and Elwood. At first we thought that it was foggy. Then I noticed the combine headlights and huge cloud of dust on the horizon, and noted to my (city boy) husband that this must be an extraoridinarily dusty harvest.

    Great post!

  8. joyceandnorm says

    Stopping by from Home Sanctuary.

    How neat! 3 hours! =p I'm sure they shared some great stories. Hubby's cousin's wife is from Indiana, and we were there for their wedding, but didn't get to experience anything there other than Fort Wayne and the airport. I'm sure it was the most Asian people they have ever seen at one time. =p

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  9. Lora says

    wait — you're in indiana? i grew up in the middle of indiana cornfields and soybeans. this post brought back memories…while my family wasn't a farming family (well, at least my parents weren't) i loved watching the farmers come to the fields near my house to harvest.

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