When Boo grows UP!

This week was a big week for Boo. 
The dentist told Boo his bottom teeth are slightly loose. I think it might be three years before they are really loose, but he was an excited 5 year old!
Boo also told our Mindy (AKA the nanny) that when they are in public she can’t call him Sweetie Pee or Boo. It is embarrassing he says. So, we are only allowed to call him by his given name. My heart is breaking…he was supposed to always be my baby. 
And he chose his career. Wish his mother could figure out what she wanted to do when she grew up;)

Legos consume our lives. Unlike most farm kids, Boo would pick legos over tractors 9 out of 10 times. He
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likes to build things. Make things with his hands. So, I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.

His response…I want to make toys. Toy tractors to be specific. He then said, once he was done doing that he would make the big tractors and combines.

 He is gonna be an engineer. I just know it. Well, I wish it for him.

Anyone who can combine the LEGO® City Tank Truck 3180 with the LEGO Atlantis Gateway of the Squid (8061) is gonna do amazing things when he grows up.
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  1. Beth Eaton says

    My 7 year old LOVES legos! They are everywhere and he loves creating things with them. It is the one toy that I don't mind playing with him. Or, creating anyways. Not too good at the playing part. That's what happens the older you get. Anyways, mine was 7 before he lost his first tooth. I think he was the only kid that lost his first tooth in second grade!

  2. Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek says

    My brother was the same way when he was that age…and looking at engineering colleges now!

  3. Four Ransom's says

    I have been meaning to tell you how inspiring it was to see you compete at the FB Convention. Nothing like a female that dominates a predominantly male competition. And it was nice meeting you!!

  4. Cris says

    Sounds like the perfect career track!

    Psst… my heart would break too if (when :( )Miss Add didn't want me to call her Miss Add, Monkey or Fred anymore…sniff

  5. Lana says

    Just asked Tink's class (end grade) what they all wanted to be when they grew up as part of a JA lesson I presented today. Sounds like there are more than a few who want to farm! I wish them the best of luck to be farmers in ten years.

    Sounds like Boo has the talent to build whatever his heart desires!

  6. Farmchick says

    Enjoy him! My son is about to turn 14 and I don't even know where the time went. I always heard people say that…but, it really is true.

  7. Anonymous says

    I use the same mix for my waffles. I use milk or part water and part water. I also put in an egg in place of the oil. The last couple of times, I have sprinkled with chocolate chips after pouring batter on the grill. May not be the most healthy, but they are enjoyed.

    Savor every minute of time with your children. Before you know it, they will be married with children of their own.

  8. Tina says

    Your boo is just cute as a button! My sons loved Legos when they were younger and now my grandson loves them! Enjoy the kids while they are young…mine were married with kids before I knew it!

  9. Heather @ 3 kids and lots of pigs says

    Yesterday, Bubby built a silage chopper that could also be used as a rifle with his legos. His imagination is quite scary as his future aspirations… he wants to be a logger, veterinarian, dariy, beef, and pig farmer. :-)

  10. The Wife of a Dairyman says

    Legos are BIG in our house too. But my farm kid only likes the Star Wars Legos and once he completes a kit, he wants another one {which he only gets on a special occasion}. He has the Star Wars universe going on right now.

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