It’s a cycle of life for this real farmwife

For farmers, there is a natural cycle to life. Things spring to life after the winter, and we harvest our crops at fall. Well, for livestock farmers, it is a bit more all year long.

As we get ready for the spring planting, I am reminded how drastically my life as changed as I have gone from the wife of a dairyman to the wife of an ex-dairyman. The cycle of life is much different.

For us, planting was all about getting the corn in the ground so we could chop it. Chop it you ask? Yes. That is when we use a machine the cuts the corn at the bottom of the stalk and then chops into bit size pieces for the cows. We would take the chopped up pieces in put it into silos or those long white bags you may see by farms. They sort of look like big long worms.

Boo loved helping with chopping.

This was all for the cows. And Boo spent many a day napping in the milking parlor while daddy milked.

Yes, that is cow poop on the side of the swing. And yes he would occasionally peel it off and chew on it. Insert gag reflex here. But he is a healthy kid, so it must of been self vaccination!

And he loved showing his calves.

And then it got to the point where we were losing more money every year since the price of raising crops, caring for the cows, and milking the cows cost more than we would get paid for the milk. After all farmers don’t set their prices, the food companies tell us what they are going to pay us for our goods. And milk is perishable so it isn’t like we had a lot of time to find another buyer. We had to take what we could get.

So, now for those few cows we have left, my poor husband has to go visit them at the other dairy farms that are taking good care of them.

It’s the cycle of life for an ex-dairy farmer.

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  1. Jent says

    I so wish I had something to say but truly story's like this are too common and seriously break my heart!
    Love and Hugs!

  2. Leontien says

    haha liked the poo on the swing… when i was a kid i eat buckets of sand out of our play yard… and i turned out fine… right???

    And yes let's hop to the other farmwives!!!


  3. The Wife of a Dairyman says

    Leah, I didn't realize you guys had a dairy at one time. In Marin county, where I live, we are down to 23 dairies. At one time {10 years ago} it was well over 80.
    P.S. A little cow poo is good for the immune system in my book:)

  4. Heather @ 3 kids and lots of pigs says

    I know your life has been through a lot of changes, good and bad, the past few years, but thanks for being so honest. I miss you my friend!

  5. Farmchick says

    A great post about the difficulties/cost of being a farmer. Love that your son ate some cow poop. Made him healthy I am sure!!!

  6. Lana says

    Great post! It is a huge change, and Tall Guy still misses the routine of it all on the off seasons. I second what Jent said. She always says good stuff! 😉

  7. zweberfarms says

    Never thought to put a swing in the barn. Where did you guys set it up? Our kids usually sit in the stroller in the parlor, before they are able to walk. And yes, the also get pooped on.
    It is really sad what has happened to so many good dairy farmers. I wish people could see that when they buy milk for $1/gallon.

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