Farming Leads to Dirty Jobs

Living on a farm can lead you to being licked,

 playing in the dirt,

 having to give animals showers,

 and even having a little entertainment of watching the neighbor plant while you swim.

 But, at the end of the day, now matter how dirty you are, someone will love you enough to check your head for ticks. And frankly, I think this might be the dirtiest job on the farm. And boy are the ticks bad this year.

Pretty sure I am going to be in trouble for posting this last picture…

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  1. Lana says

    Yep, you might have to cook a really yummy supper in case he finds out about that last pic! Good pics though 😉

  2. This Farm Family's Life says

    Ha ha! Brad would definitely have words with me if I posted something like that, but it would be so worth it!

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