Who left the hose out?

I suffer from “the I can’t get the hose put up on the hose holder thingy” syndrome.

I don’t know if I am stupid, weak, or just not coordinated but I end up knocking the hose holder over, hurting myself, or cursing the hose every time I try to put the hose up.

It didn’t take long at all for me to fall in love with this “Leah Proof” hose holder from Avant Garden. I was so excited when it came in that I made Boo take it out immediately to get it ready for use.

Don’t ask me why he is wearing on winter glove. I guess he had been watching old Michael Jackson videos. I pick my battles people. Pick my battles.

Speaking of battles, the hubby and I battled a bit on the exact location of the beautiful pot. But since he was willing to transfer the hook up and load the hose up, I let him when that battle. This hose holder looked beautiful anywhere in our floor bed.

Now, you can guess how if this beautiful pot helps me keep the hose picked up or not. Those who know me well will most likely guess correctly:) 

If you would like to win a Decorative Hose Holder, please head over to the Real Farmwives of America & Friends Blog (www.realfarmwivesofamerica.com) and sign up for the giveaway!

Avant Garden Decor did provide me with this product to review, however the thoughts and opinions shared about this product on this blog are my own.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Luv r blog! I visit u often! I'd luv to win one of these hose holders they look so nice!
    Barb. babergbower@gmail com

  2. Jeannie P says

    I think we were separated at birth. However, I was born in Michigan, on the beach, and apparently ate sand as a baby and toddler. That may explain a whole lot about me. Was raised since the age of 5 in New Jersey, by a mother who was raised on a farm in Iowa, and my dad is from the mean streets of Chicago. I am the youngest of 7. On my 2nd marriage, with 2 teenagers (college and high school)and 2 little blonde boys 5 & 4. I'm nuts because of the age differences. I see you too have a Beagle. Mine is Wali. I'm convinced 'beagle' in Latin translates into 'annoying' in English. This is my loong drawn out way of stating I cannot wrap up a hose or long electrical cords to save my life. My husband complains ALL the time. Like I have time to play around with a garden hose. Jeez!

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