Wordless Wednesday: Failed First Day of School Pictures

I am not a morning person. I now have failed my kids because of it. Here is what I have to prove to Boo he had a first day of first grade.

 It took me a few pictures to realize I had the wrong light setting. Smooth.

Then he refused to open his eyes. And isn’t the open storm dorm coupled with the open closet door nice? Seriously, I should be a professional photographer, with the eye for photography I can capture.

And more zombie boy. Can you guess if he is a morning person?

And then he flat turned his back to me.

So, I thought maybe I could redeem myself when I took my little princess to the first day of preschool. But, I failed her too.

I started real well. I didn’t even catch her face. Nice.

or get her to look at me.

And then I couldn’t keep her in focus.

But, finally I found one decent picture. One.

I fail. Someday I will be a morning person…

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  1. Christina Klas says

    I think this is a sweet post… proves they are new to these grades. They just won't stop moving. (Don't blame your photography) … It's the kids who don't sit still. 😉

  2. BigD says

    This will be 20 times funnier in a few years when you're making your 8th grader stand on the front step for the annual First Day Picture–and she's rolling her eyes.
    And the pictures are just as crappy.
    But, it's tradition, so you tell her to hush-up and go with it.

  3. Katie @Pinke Post says

    They are 1000x better than any picture taken on first days of school before digital photography. You never fail Leah. You rock.

  4. Kathy says

    These are pictures of LIFE! One of my college friends has 4 kids who can never sit still for the Christmas picture. As she says, "I'm sending a picture of what they're really like." Like here. Perfect.

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