Lady in Red, A Red Carhartt

Fall is here. It didn’t feel much like fall in Indiana this past week, but at least it still smells like it! The perk to live surrounded by corn.

When Carhartt sent me this quarter zip hooded sweatshirt, I fell in love.  Thankful Carhartt has come out with a women’s line that is, dare I say, cute farm chick gear. It is so much more stylish than the brown coveralls that all of us farm kids grew up wearing on cold days. I even have had them on my little farm kids. I almost cried when I found this picture of my little Princess in her first pair of Carhartt coveralls.

To showoff my new red sweatshirt, I asked my Boo to take a few pictures of me when I wore it. When I was out checking out how our soybeans were fairing, he thought he would take a few pictures.

And the soybeans are looking semi-promising. Wishing they were about 4 inches taller!

In case you missed it a few weeks ago, Boo learned to ride his bike without training wheels. So can you guess what I am spending a lot of time doing? Yep, riding bikes. The sw

I am still trying to keep my outdoor flowers alive. A quick watering on a cool day isn’t so rushed to get back inside thanks to my Carhartt. Can you tell he caught me by surprise?

And in hopes that we will have fall-like weather, we have some pumpkins from a local farmer’s market, Bush’s Market, we have some pumpkins out on display.

And sometimes, Momma just wants a break. All that is missing is the toasty fire and the big glass of wine.

This fall is going to be a great one. Count on seeing me in my new Carhartt. It is my new favorite fall fashion statement!

If you are loving my sweatshirt, head on over to the Real Farmwives of America blog to sign up to win your own fall-ready sweatshirt.

Carhartt did provide me with this product to review but the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. This Farm Family's Life says

    Love the last shot as well! We went to Bush's market last Sunday to get our pumpkins also. We go there every year. We took the backroads home and I think we were close to your house…i think!

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