Friday Favorites – chocolate, shoes, ketchup & flat land

I have some new addictions in my life.

Starting with Dove Chocolate Discoveries Sipping Chocolates. My friend Megan had a chocolate party, I know chocolate party!, and I bought not one, but two have these canisters.  I put a spoonful in my morning coffee. It is becoming an obsession. Almost as much as having half and half in my coffee is an obsession. Let’s be honest, I drink coffee so I won’t be judged for drinking cream straight.

Let’s go to my Sperry shoes. I was hesitant to buy these. Then when the Stride Rite Outlet store had them, I though, well they are on sale, what could it hurt. And now, I am in love with them. I wear them everywhere and with everything. Love. Love. Love.

Some of you may know about this little tomato cannery (sarcasm, it is a large company) in Indiana called Red Gold. Did you know Indiana was number 2 producer of tomatoes Well, recently I had the opportunity to tour the facility with the ag leadership program I am in. And it was there that I heard about Mama Selita’s Jalapeno Ketchup. Love this and of course can only find it at Marsh here in Indiana.

A few weeks ago, I traveled home to Illinois so I could be closer to Purdue for the Purdue/Illinois Football game. I know, it sounds stupid, but my parents live closer to West Lafayette than I do. So, when the hubby and I left to head east to West Lafayette early Saturday morning I was in awe that we could see the windmills over in Indiana. I just love how flat and treeless it is at home. This is corn country, the breadbasket of the world and sometimes I am afraid we take it for granted.

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  1. Lana says

    Dang Girl! Are those MY windmills??? 😉 Next time you need to stop by and visit for a minute! My chocolate party is the 20th, so I will have to check out this sipping good stuff. Have a great weekend in those comfy shoes. The River Country guys told me all week on the radio ( we were in Newton County picking corn on my family's farm!)that your Illini have the bye this week and need it to regroup. Here's to a great second half of the season!

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