Operation Christmas Child

I am starting to get some anxiety about how close the holidays are to us.  At church we are currently doing the Advent Conspiracy sermon series. It has been eye opening to me. The fastest growing religion is one we all have been caught up in…you know…”Radical Consumerism.” I continue to think about how do I teach my kids that Christmas is not about presents but rather the gift of Jesus. How do we not worship the “stuff of Christmas” rather than the “reason for Christmas?”

I am starting with Operation Christmas Child. This was borderline torture for my kids. Imagine being in the Wal-Mart toy isles picking out and looking at toys for kids who have very few or none currently. Being told not a single one is going to be bought for them, that only for kids who will only get what we are buying for them. For a 6 and 4 year old, this was hard. We had to keep reminding them that we weren’t making our Christmas list, but rather looking for someone who just like them but in a far off place.

They ended up with quite the goodies to send to a special child.

I think packing the shoebox was a lesson in efficient use of space.

And I think they finally “got it.” Got what it means to give.

And now to find the daily reminder during this busy Christmas season. Anyone have a great advent devotional for families?

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  1. Lana says

    Great job! We have the same issues when shopping for birthday presents for friends. Stay tuned for the birthday idea three moms came up with for our joint birthday party, which is much more innocent than I just made it sound. Three first graders have birthdays within two weeks of each other. I'll blog more about it Wednesday! Be happy you are out of Indiana, but watch out. I think this CRAP weather is headed east!

  2. teresa says

    We do this in my church too. It's an important lesson in giving for everyone – adults and children. Great job! I love the photos!

  3. Anita Stafford says

    So glad you posted this Leah, such a timely reminder of teaching the children about giving. Your little ones are adorable!

  4. SugarBooty says

    My husband hates the consumerism of Christmas! He wants to go back to doing just a few gifts and spending time with the family as the biggest part of the holiday. Thankfully, our little one is young enough now that we can teach her what's important.

  5. Dan says

    i looked at the organizations website, they think their brand of christianity is superior to mongolian spirituality. The Airforce refuses to contribute to this program because it is insulting to native religion–would you like your child approached at the bus stop with gifts and foreign religious material? Airforce says they give gifts in return for possible converts!!! Are we teaching out kids we need to convert everyone to our churches religion– another form of selling something in a subtle way

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