The Weeklong 7th Birthday Celebration

Boo turned seven a few weeks back, and I swear to you it felt like we celebrated for a week.

No, we did celebrate for a week.

Spoiled kid.

It started the morning of his birthday.

Which I think with the excitement he showed for the two gifts he got from us, we could have called it quits. Especially since my mom was over and gave him a bazillion piece Batman Lego set.

But, then it was on to his birthday supper with daddy’s family.

We have our semi to haul grain when we carpet farm in the basement now!

And we have manly shower gel. What? Doesn’t every 7-year old want Axe for his birthday and act this excited when he gets it?

And we blew out candles on the custom made Lego cake from Grandma.

But, then it was on to party at school the next day.

I think he really felt like he was the king for the day. But, we weren’t done partying with the school friends.

Yes, I actually planned far enough ahead to have a bowling birthday party.

And have a friend over night. I am not sure what happened in the back of the van on the way home from bowling, but both were missing shirts and one might have had a pink sock on.

And then we headed to the Beef House the next day to meet my family to celebrate.

And boy was it an unbelievable birthday week. Doesn’t that face say it all!

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  1. Kimberly Wolter says

    You are not alone in the week long birthday celebration! We started today and will finally wrap up next Sunday after a trip to the AG store in Chicago. Happy Birthday Brady!

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