Sanity Checkes Come in the Form of Blondes Sometimes

Have you ever had one of those moments when you feel completely alone in the world? You feel like you don’t have any friends that “get you” or if you do they are 25,000 miles away. And even if it is only 2500 miles away it still feels like 25,000 miles.

Or is it just me?

I have been known to have a few poor me moments, privately of course, in the past few months. And then like a little ray of sunshine God brings me an answer to my cries. And, ironically, he seems to send blondes.

Let’s begin with my recent sanity check in India. When I found out that my Grandpa died she just hugged me. She didn’t dwell on it. She let me have my little weep fest and then made me laugh.

Meet Sarah. I think she might kill me for this photo, but I thought it captured her essence;)

This one hopefully will make up for the first one.

She has become my love you through thick and thin even if what you just said was little too honest friend.

She is my cigarette and coffee for lunch accountability partner:)

When I had my birthday last month and was wishing I was 23 instead of 32, she took me out for shrimp cocktail and prime rib sandwiches.

She loves me unconditionally, my circus and all.

Her texts roll in just when I need them.

She is an answer to my prayer for someone who gets the hidden little inside of me and loves me for it.

Then there is my dear friend, Katie.

My sister from another mother who lives in North Dakota. I can remember the night we had our “Ah ha” moment over martinis at the American Farm Bureau Federation meeting.

We unloaded on each other about our pains from youth, fears about raising daughters, being a traveling mom, keeping our marriages together, finding time for God, finding time for self.

She is the one mom who has a longer commute than me to the office in the mornings with her 90 miles haul across the North Dakota Prairie. And it is then that we find ourselves both racing from our homes to our jobs all while talking with each other. Those early morning phone calls have literally pulled me through the day more than once.

We help each other with both personal and professional advice. We have called midday with a work question and said, “Hey, your on speaker, my colleague wanted to hear what you had to say on this topic too.” We know the other will have the $500 an hour question next week, so we share our knowledge, advice and opinions freely.

She is stuck with me forever. I love her.

Every working mom married to a farmer needs to find another woman she can just look in the eyes without saying a word and know that she too understands what is going on.

I bring you Heather.

Heather too married a farmer who lives hours from her hometown. Heather too has a career that leaves her away from her kids at night from time to time. Heather too more than anything would trade her full-time job for a part-time job that would leave her more time at home.

But she too was blessed with opportunities to provide above and beyond for her family.

We share a lot, too. For starters a housekeeper. I know we both take a big sigh of relief when we walk in the house on the day our housekeeper has been there. That gal is a gift from God for both of us.

We also share an inability to say no. We both are volunteer extraordinaire, especially if it has anything to do with agriculture. Not for us, but because we look at our precious babies and want to make sure there is a farm for them to come home to someday, if they so choose.

We get a little fired up when people don’t understand us or attack our friends.

It seems like the little time we make for each other over a venti Starbucks is never enough.

For her truth. Her honesty. Her loyalty. She will always be my dearest friend.

And now there is new world I have entered. Parent of a school aged child. And let me tell you, this momma is CLUELESS in this new world. Since I do work full-time, I am not able to volunteer a whole bunch for school activities. So, when I do I am so out of the information/gossip loop I don’t even realize that a loop exists!!

And then there is this kind, smiling face who lets me in on what I need to know. There is Abby.

She doesn’t judge me for not being able to be at everything.

She lets me in on the back stories.

She seems genuinely interested in what I do for a living even though when I rattle on about some testimony I have to give to the Foreign Affairs Committee on trade opportunities to Europe she thinks I am speaking Greek.

She is raw with me. She, too, is willing to have fun with me and not have a care in the world.

She has been my soccer buddy, happy meal totting supper pal, ballet time waster. She too understands what the term farmer’s widow means each spring and fall.

I can’t wait for the next 12 years knowing she will be right there with me.

And sometimes you just need to feel right at home. Comfortable. Grounded. Balanced.

And that is what Cindy does for me. She is my yang to my ying. While many me think we are as opposite as they come, that is precisely why we work.

She knows my bad habits.

She knows I have always been messy.

She knows my exes.

I know hers.

She knew me when no one else did. And loves me still.

We have traveled together. Covered for each other. Helped each other out in a pinch.

And now we are watching each other become mothers. And for this I am most thankful.

On to the next great adventure.

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  1. Jent says

    This is awesome and made me tear up! They are just as lucky to have you as you are to have them – that is what makes friendship so amazing!

  2. Lana Wallpe says

    SO glad you have these women in your life! Without our friends, our families would be motherless and wifeless!

  3. Robyn says

    Hang in there Leah!

    This post is so inpirational and loving! I am willing to bet each of these ladies NEED you as much as you need them.

    You are right, we need a strong network of girls to help us through the challenges we face. And to have fun with too!

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