Leah’s Summer Must Haves

I have realized this week, I have a few things I no longer can go without this summer, beginning with my FitFlop sandals. I got my first pair of fitflops when I went to Hawaii and loved them so much I knew I had a new pair for Florida.

old pewter fitflops
So, I got on my favorite shopping website for procrastinators, zappos.com, the week we left for Florida. And I ordered the whole family sandals for the beach including my new pair of flipflops, black lunetta!

Black Lunetta Flipflop
Why do I love these shoes? Well, because they have a lot of cushioning for a flip flop and can easily be dressed up or down. I have warn them to the zoo and to church. Either way, they feel awesome. Bonus, I always get complements on them.

I tend to also be living in one particular style of Under Armour T-Shirt. I have it in two colors, and I bet before summer is over I have it in more colors. Love this shirt and don’t know how I lived without it.

Love aviator sunglasses. It is becoming and obsession…

purple aviators
I have purplish pink aviators.

avaiator sunglasses in gold
I have them with gold rims and brown lenses. These even made it to sunny Florida!

wearing aviator sunglasses on the beach
All of my glasses are cheap. Less than $10 cheap. No tears when I lose or break them this way.

However, for about 3 days I had my friend’s Tory Burch aviator sunglasses. Then she came to reclaim what I had been trying to keep for myself.

Tory Burch Avaitor sunglasses
But, I now want expensive sunglasses. Specifically I want these sunglasses. It is my summer must have;)
Ray-Ban - RB3025 Aviator Large Metal Polarized (Gunmetal/Brown Gradient) - Eyewear


Click on the picture if you want to check them out for yourself:)

This is my newest love…

Keep Calm and Drink Wine Necklace
Yep, got it this weekend at Vintage Indiana and now all I want to do is wear it. Thank to Elizabeth Alta Jewelry. She has awesome stuff. Check her out!

I might as well fess up, I am on a new diet plan. It is the don’t eat anything white diet I think. No flour, no white sugar, no milk, no white sauce, no white cheese, no staples of my life so now I know why I am fat. So to add flavor to vegetables this summer and meat too, this is my new favorite marinade.I marinaded eggplant, squash, mushroom and onions in it last night and the kids loved it too.

Lawry's Tuscan Sun-Dried Tomato Marinade
I think I am going to buy a case next time it is on sale.

Last month we got a new man van, please meet “The Silver Bullet.”

2012 Honda Odyssey
It is a 2012 Honda Odyssey and it is magical. It has enough cup holders for the entire Duggar family, it comes equipped with a cool box, DVD player, power sliding everything. I also bought this van by doing virtually everything online before coming in for a test drive. Pricing, questions, stalling, research, etc. Everyone should get one. Go to indyhonda.com and look for TK. She rocks!

So now the kids keep wanting to take Checkers, our Teddy Bear dog, with us whenever we go somewhere. This in turns into Checkers running all over the van..

doggie car booster seat
Yep, I got a doggie car seat. I know it is crazy. I have already began getting harassed from my friends. But no more crazy dog running around.

So, what are your summer must-haves? Do share!

Affiliate links were used in this post. Honda did not compensate me for my comments or give me a van:) Neither did Lawry’s. Both companies are getting free, unadulterated love from me.

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  1. says

    Great list! I am with you on the flip flops and sunglasses! This year I am also in love with funky jewelry and halter top sun dresses! I am going to look up the white diet ~ sounds easy enough.. I need to drop 10 more pounds and it’s getting HARD! ( I cheat a lot!)
    have a great day

  2. Joan says

    I like the van very much and the name. My husband has a 1992 Saturn car and he calls his The Silver Bullet too. My summer must have is strawberries on hand all the time.

  3. says

    Welcome, fellow Odyssey owner! I have a 2006, and I LOVE it. It’s also silver(ish). You are now going to notice how many Honda minivans are out there… it’s like they multiply! Mine doesn’t have a name, though… why didn’t I ever give it a name?

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