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Hunk of Meat Monday: Crock Pot Sloppy Joes for a crowd

Have you ever needed to feed hungry teenagers? A field full of farmers? Wanted to make a meal that you could double, triple, quadruple to freeze the leftovers? These sloppy joes are just that! This can also be a one pot wonder! I actually put frozen ground beef in the crock pot overnight. When I…

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Hunk of Meat Monday: Amy’s Chicken Tetrazzini

I have started trying out a few of the recipes from Gooseberry Patch’s soon to be released “Big Book of Home Cooking.” First one out of the gates was Amy’s Chicken Tetrazine.  I must admit, I have never made a tetrazzini. After reading through the recipe, I decided the mushrooms were a must. I had…

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Tips for Buying Meat on a Budget

It seems like Meatless Monday isn’t a fad. Yet, I can’t seem to convince my family that no meat all day long is a good idea. Maybe it is because we have two full freezers of meat that was raised by our family. Maybe it is because we enjoy B-12. If you are like me…

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Hunk of Meat Monday: Pepsi Pork Chops

This week I am lucky enough to have a fellow Real Farmwife filling in for Hunk of Meat Monday. I bring you Sarah from This Farm Family’s Life. Be sure to check out her blog for other great recipes and learn a little bit about their farm and family. Hello Beyer Beware readers! Leah has…

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Hunk of Meat Monday: Creamy Chicken Pesto & Bowties

Recipe #4 of the Gooseberry Patch/Real Farmwives in the Kitchen project is in the bellies of the Beyer family. And it was yummy! Creamy Pesto and Bowties from Farmer’s Market Favorites was easy, yummy, and a keeper! I started with a pound of frozen chicken tenderloins. I browned the chicken in two tablespoons of butter….

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Hunk of Meat Monday: Working Mom Meals & Tips

Ever have one of those nights when you didn’t lay something out or get the crock pot filled with something that would be waiting for you when you get home? Yeah, me too. Especially when the morning started in a different state. So, I have to have a few 15 minute meals in my back…

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