Indian Agriculture-Up Close and Personal

Agriculture in India has been a huge contrast to the corn and soybeans found in Indiana. As I travel through Indiana with 26 of my peers from my the ag leadership program I have been in for the last two years, we are all intrigued by the agriculture differences in India.

The distribution of the goods is also very different and much more small scaled to specific target audiences.

An Indian market place is full of vendors selling their ag goods.


Above a chicken vendor displays live chickens while another worker is butchering chickens for customers.

While other vendors may have their own businesses. This woman is preparing banana leaves to be sold to restaurants who will use them in dishes as surface area.

And now that I have reached the south, the beauty of the horticulture in India is welcomed as we stroll through gardens.

The amount of fishing boats in the Mumbai issue also speaks the importance of aquaculture to its society.

And tomorrow we get to go visit a corn research station.  I am sure we will fit in just time while being surrounded by corn.

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  1. BigD says

    I was wondering how the trip was going.
    I'm anxious to know if you see any elephants or cobras.
    How's the food?
    Is it as hot and dry as it looks?

  2. Busana Muslim says

    articles are very interesting for me, I hope always to get the information from this web, so making new knowledge, thanks be to provide information, become more attractive. hopefully always update to the article

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