Cheesy Artichoke Bread – Iron Chef Challenge

When Amy over at A Latte with Ott, A announced her Iron Chef Challenge with Ocean Mist Artichokes, I wanted to try something new for the challenge. But after all the searching for the perfect recipe, I didn’t find quite the right one. So, I decided to create my own.

Now, many of you may be like me and love using fresh artichokes, but I love the convenience canned artichokes give me when I don’t have lots of time. This weeknight dish was made with a jar of artichoke hearts.

Some fresh Italian bread that I picked up earlier in the week came in very handy for inspiration too.

I started by cutting the loaf in half length wise.

I tour out the inner flesh of the bread leaving about 1/2 inch of bread remaining.

Then chop up the artichokes, fresh or canned. You will need about two cups of artichokes. Also chop up four garlic cloves.

Then I couldn’t decide what to use for the “sauce” so I used all my choices. Yep, mayo, cream cheese, and sour cream. All “light” of course.

I also cut two green onions up for added flavor and added to the mix.


I stirred it all up and added some shredded Monterey Jack cheese.

Then stirred it all together.

Followed it up by adding about half of the bread I removed earlier from the loaf to the mix along with some salt and pepper.

Spoon the mixture into the wells of the bread.

Because it isn’t cheesy enough yet, add some cheddar over top now. Go ahead and pile it on!

Then bake it on 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

I used a pizza slicer to cut the bread into slices.

Perfect for little fingers in my house.

Perfect to make again.

Now head on over and find other great artichoke recipes!

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  1. Ott, A says

    Looks delish and I love that you just whipped it up on your own. thanks for linking up to the Iron Chef Challenge!!!

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