30 Days, 30 Things You Never Knew About Food

And how it ends up on your plate, in your mouth, and ultimately in your belly. I have several ideas in draft that I have never pushed publish on in fear that no one would care to read about it.

But, after attending BlogHer this past year, I know that many of my readers do not have access to visit the farms that grow food, know people who process food or even realize they should be asking questions.

PewFoundation on Industrial Farming Booth
So, when Holly Spangler challenged fellow bloggers to blog with her for 30 days on a prairie farm, I figured now was the chance to push publish on so many of my draft posts about food facts, myths, misconceptions. I feel fortunate to have grown up in the midst of corn and soybean fields. I feel fortunate to live in a time that we can celebrate our ability to grow the 8th largest corn crop in history with one of the worst droughts plaguing most of the midwest. I want to celebrate my neighbors and friends and family.

I hope over the next 30 days I can learn from you as well. If you have a question related to food or farming, let me know. I am sure if I don’t have the answer, I know someone who does that will be able to help me blog about the question.

Day 1 – Farmers Grow Whole Foods

Day 2 – Where is your pumpkin from?

Day 3 – What do the codes on fresh produce stickers mean?

Day 4 – Grass-fed vs Grain-fed Beef + Crock Pot Beef Cubed Steak Recipe

Day 6 – Where are your eggs from?

Day 7 – Grilling the perfect steaks

Day 8 – Philly Cheese Sloppy Joes

Day 9 – Are we fat, uppity Americans?

Day 10 – 5 gifts for foodies

Day 11 – Buying Meat on a Budget

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  1. says

    You go girl! I’m still scratching my head as to why in one pass my yield monitor when from 0-245! IN ONE PASS! It was the best of times…. it was the worst of times! Crazy year, but the beans kicked butt because they like dry feet right? That’s the old wive’s or farmer’s tale I’ve always grown up hearing.

    Can’t wait to read your drafts! Hope you had a great time up here in Benton County. Wish we could have joined you, but we finished up that day and were moving equipment all over and around where you were. I can’t believe we didn’t meet on 55 or somewhere! :-)


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