Best Beaches for Families: St. George Island, Florida

As soon as school got out this year, we hit the road with with my sister and her family for Florida. We took the recommendation of a friend to give St. George Island a visit.

Beach view of St. George Island Gulf side beachIt did not disappoint. The island is low key, relaxed and friendly to families. The closest Wal-Mart is over 40 miles away and all the restaurants are local establishments. We rented a house towards the middle of the island in what the locals refer to as a “Skinny.”

Beach view of skinny houses on St. George Island
The great things about these houses is the location. They are close to the middle of the island where everything meaning we could ride bikes everywhere. Golf carts are also allowed all over the island except in the Plantation area.

Boy riding his bike on SGI

riding bikes on sgi

Our house was conveniently located close to the lighthouse and playground.

view from the beach of the lighthouse

St. George Island LighthouseThe kids loved being able to see all around the island from atop of the lighthouse.

kids at the top of the lighthouse
See, you can see our skinny house.

view from lighthouseBut, let’s focus on the important things, the beach.

kids walking on the beach
If you do head to St. George Island, you want to be three or four house from public access points. This isn’t a big deal during the week, but if you are there over a weekend it will increase your traffic on the beach. The mornings make you almost think you are on a lake it is so placid and peaceful.

ocean in the morningWe would come down early and assume our position on the lounge chair we rented for the week.

rented loungers from SGI beach chairs
And the fun would begin. Burying Boo in sand.

Boy buried in sand up to his neck

Burying Crew
And playing in the sand.

little girl chewing on sand toy

girl walking on the beach
We even practiced our swimming stroke a little bit.

backstroke in the ocean

teaching how to swimBut by afternoon, the wind and surf picked up steam. It was time to chill out with few refreshments.

Yuengling beer on the beach

eating popsicles on the beach
But be careful, a few too many refreshments can lead to sunburn.

sunburned on the beach

And fly a few kites.
flying kites on SGI
And by the evening the low tide makes for perfect Barbie doll beach time.

Playing with Barbies on the beach
Which meant it was time to eat. And the oysters are fresh on the island!! In the morning fishermen are out get the days supply.

Oyster fishing in the bay
And in the evening it is pure heaven…Cheddar Gorges from Eddy Teachs covered in spinach, garlic, cheddar, bacon and jalapenos.

Cheddar Gorge Oysters
I mean look at that guy. Yum.

Cheddar Gorge Oyster close up
Eddy Teachs is a must go to raw bar when you are down in St. George Island.

Eddy Teachs sign
The kids loved leaving their mark!

leaving your name at Eddie Teachs
But even if you don’t want to go out you don’t have to go without some peel and eat shrimp from one of the local trailers selling seafood.

Dail's Seafood Trailer

Peel and eat shrimp dipped in lemon butter
But honestly, the best thing about the vacation is that we got some time with family and time to just relax.

Be a little goofy…

posing on the beach
What is your favorite beach vacation?

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  1. says

    Great pics, Leah! Your daughter is such a ham for the camera! Also, thanks for including me in your blogroll! I feel special!! :)

  2. CindyD says

    What cute pictures! We live in Tallahassee and my husband got married on St. George so even if we move away some day, it will always be a special place to us. Glad you could enjoy it!!

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