Are we fat, uppity Americans?

Let me be frank, we are fat, happy Americans. We bicker about what is the “right” way to raise everything from pigs to tomatoes. We pay more attention to the label on our food than the empty shelves at the local food pantry. And we don’t just use our dollars to express what we think we push for more and more regulation on what food we deem not trendy enough for our liking in the name of fear. Yet, we are in the minority, dictating what those in the majority will all be impacted by in the long run.

If you have food in your fridge
Yeah, that describes me. I am feeling pretty blessed right now. We could dive into why 3 billion people  who can’t read is unacceptable. Or we could go on and on about the fact that a million people dying each week from illness is inexcusable. But, I want to talk about hunger. So, think about it, 1 billion people go to bed hungry every night. Three Americas. A little less than all of China. Double that number and now you have all the malnourished. Do you think the 2 billion malnourished are a large portion of the 3 billion people who can’t read? Do you think they could be connected?

How to feed the future

Even though this infographic doesn’t come right out and say it, the breakthroughs are GMOs. Genetically Modified Organisms. Yeah, those. Those things that some folks are worried could potentially be bad for us to eat. I am not a scientist. I don’t understand all the science. Yet, I think technology is a good thing in other areas of my life. So, why wouldn’t I want to have food utilizing biotechnology to make food even more beneficial? Especially to those who have food shortages.

Think about eating just rice for every meal for weeks on end. Nothing else. I am pretty sure besides being bored to death of the food, I would also start having other issues. And my kids, who knows what impact that would have on their growth and development. Now, imagine having a rice seed available that has nutrients that occur in the plant naturally thanks to biotechnology. Thanks to it being a genetically modified organism.

Vitamin A deficiency
Dr. Alfred Sommer
Professor and Dean Emeritus
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

And that is golden rice. If you were a mother in Asia or Africa who had one of the 2 million malnourished children in the world, would you want access to this rice? Would you be worried about long term effects of the GMO on your child who was malnourished?

Before you jump all over me, I am not saying you shouldn’t be able to avoid GMO foods. Eat what you want. I am just asking should you force an end to GMO foods, thus ending research and development for new GMO crops that could help nourish and feed the world? After all, some of the smartest people in the tech world are thinking it is important to invest in biotech to feed the growing world.

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  1. says

    Good points. The research has to be done to make sure the food is safe, but we have to find a way to produce more food to feed these people. Even we go all Star Trek and start sending people out to space, hey it could happen, food will not be grown there the same way it is grown here. We have to be forward thinking in a safe but practical manner. I cannot imagine a time when every house will go back to having a milk cow, chicken coop, and a couple of hogs and beef cows strolling around the yard with a fenced in garden. It just ain’t gonna happen. It’s not happening in my backyard, except for the beef cows!

  2. says

    I think this hits the nail on the head. People with empty stomaches don’t care about GMO’s. They care about getting enough food to stay alive.

    I love the infographics, too!


  3. says

    I toured the Dow plant a few years ago and that was their sentiment. People need food in 3rd world country’s and we are going to be the ones to help them find food to save the children. We are a spoiled nation with too many choices

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