Hunk of Meat Monday: Slow Cooker Root Beer Beef BBQ

I know some of you already know about my obsession with using root beer in BBQ recipes. Well, it is no different in my winter BBQ recipes a la crock pot.

I started the night before with the root beer bath for my beef rump roast. With all of the I ♥ Beef chatter going on, I decided on beef BBQ.

Start by putting your hunk of beef in a gallon ziploc bag.

Chop up a couple of cloves of garlic.

Grab your preferred brand of root beer. I am sure this is what was on sale.

My trust BBQ spices. Liquid smoke, chipotle Tabasco, Montreal steak seasoning and cayenne pepper.

Pour 1 cup of root beer into a measuring cup. Add 3-4 shakes of liquid smoke, same of Tabasco, 1 tablespoon of steak seasoning, and 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Toss in the chopped garlic too.

Stir together and pour over your beef roast.

I then poured another cup of water on top just to make it stretch a bit farther. Put in the fridge over night. The next morning, pour it all into a crock pot.

I of course am obsessed with seasonings, so I grabbed some rib rub and shook it all over the roast.

Yes, I touched the meat and rolled it over to cover it all with my seasoning.

Then, put the lid on, turn the crock pot on low and walk away for 8-10 hours.

The carving then begins. I of course love to use my Salad Chopper to chop my meat. Great little multi-purpose item. I then let it cook for about another hour on low. You could eat immediately, but I like the flavors to really soak in.

Serve on a bun or not. Serve with BBQ sauce or not. Eat it straight out of the crock pot. You will be back for seconds.

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  1. Lynda says

    Awesome! This looks delicious. We're making chicken and dumplings tonight from a whole chicken. I think that'd work well here.

    How long is this linky going to be open? (Also, I need to link up to you on my "Be Inspired" page! Great bloghop!

  2. Lana says

    Looks yummy once again! We are so geared to eating our meat plain, like grilled chicken or steak or hamburger. It started with the healthier eating thing, and so I need to start adding a few more spices and flavors to the main course.

  3. Katie says

    My mom uses Coke in a lot of slow cooked meats. But I need to venture out into your root beer ideas! I love it. I heart beef and love to see the chatter around it in February. I linked up my Bacon Potato Skins that we just cleaned up during the game!

  4. Miz Helen says

    Hi Leah,
    Your Bar B Que in the Slow Cooker looks so yummy! I brought you my Cranberry Beef Sliders this week. Thank you for hosting us today and have a great week!

  5. Jane says

    My boys would love your Root Beer Beef!

    I added my Party Kielbasa that we had on Super Bowl Sunday. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Miz Helen says

    Hi Leah,
    I am so glad that you brought you wonderful Slow Cooker Root Beer Beef it looks just delicious. Thank you so much for bringing it to Full Plate Thursday and please come back!

  7. april says

    Oh my goodness this looks good!! I am putting this straight on a recipe card! I can't wait to try it….I know it will be a hit here!
    thanks for sharing!!

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